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Our Programs

Personal Leadership and Transformation.

Increase your self insight and improve your choices. Maximize your productivity and increase your joy at work and at home. Set up a solid foundation to successfully lead others.


Resilience and Mental Strength.

Enter the Mind Dojo program or get the app to be trained in the latest neuroscience techniques to fortify yourself against the many creeping forms of stress. Build mental strength and access your high performance state no matter what's coming your way.

The Art and Science of Communication. 

Improve engagement at work, sharpen productivity and increase your influence as a leader, through stories. Effective storytelling will transform the way you communicate (true story!). You'll be amazed at the results. 


Collaborative Creativity.

Rid your business of behaviours that kill creativity and give your teams a fool-proof strategy to innovate together. Show them how to test their ideas so only the gold gets through.  

Peer Coaching to Empower Your People.

Teach your people this safe and effective peer coaching model to proactively deal with their work challenges. This program is especially effective alongside the other programs in the Inspired Learning suite.

Bespoke Executive Program.

Take your executive team through our bespoke and comprehensive practice that brings together the Four Fundamentals of High Performance: Personal Leadership, Resilience, Collaborative Creativity and Effective Communication.