Our People

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Sexy Monkey Pants 

“It's very exciting to me to have started something that I love working in everyday. Inspired Learning brings together everything I've learned and written about to this point in business and the therapeutic, martial and performing arts, and am still learning. I get to research, write and deliver meaningful material that can help people find their fun and purpose (me included). I get to co-create what's next in terms of our digital evolution and I get to work with these highly-functioning individuals you can see on the page, who are all simply very good people. "
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Awesome Sauce

"First, hands down the best work title I've ever had. It's a joy to be working in Inspired Learning. My background is media and PR. My Bachelor's degree is in Women's Studies and I'm completing a Graduate Diploma in Psychology. The self - determination and fun inherent in what we do is exciting. It brings an ease and forward motion I've seldom been a part of. The fact that our work enhances people's lived experience is the icing on the cake." 

Our Coaches

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Aaron Steedman

“For me the Inspired Learning programs are fascinating. I've worked for over 10 years in the social services sector and to see how these programs steadfastly influence your life in such positive ways is evidence of their solid framework. I see the Inspired Learning process continually enhancing my life and the lives of others and I feel privileged to be able to share it with you.”

Kristy Meates

"My experience as a professional facilitator and coach spans many modalities. I know what powerful learning looks like. Being an Inspired Learning Coach is such a gift. I get to constantly refresh the fundamentals of transformation and I'm reminded to consistently walk my talk. It’s so powerful and I love sharing the learning with others.”

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Geoff Simmons

“As an economist I love taking complex ideas and getting them across in simple ways. It’s an approach that’s perfectly suited to the Inspired Learning philosophy. My work in the public and private sectors for the last 15 years has shown me how much there is to gain for professionals who are able to design their own lives. I've co-authored a number of public-interest books with well-known Kiwi economist and social commentator, Gareth Morgan, and a clear message from that work is that our choices matter, starting with ourselves.”


Bruce Ross

"I've worked as a Business Coach for over 15 years specialising in leadership. I've worked with individuals and teams of all ages and backgrounds in Australasia, ranging from street-kids, corporates, SME business owners, Not-For-Profits and MBA students. I work with Inspired Learning because their programs have a unique combination of comprehensively immersive and yet highly accessible tools, strategies and experiences."

Peggy Lockyer

"For many years I represented New Zealand as a flat water canoeist and since then I've immersed myself in educating. I've learned first hand the physical and mental resilience required to function at peak flow and now I love using my skills and knowledge as a high performance coach to help others achieve. Through their programs Inspired Learning provides an exceptional framework to understand and excel at the foundations of high performance".

Our Vision

Meaningful happiness

Our Method

We use the principles of improvisation and play with evidence-based neuroscience and psychology. We want our participants to embody the learning and bridge the gap between theory and practice, between knowing and doing, to create positive behavioural change thats lasts.

Our Values


People first

We deliver with dignity



We bring our best


We find the fun

Our Purpose

We help you get the best out of yourself and others

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