3 day Inspired Leadership Program at the iconic Pop-up Globe theater.

Pop-up Globe and Inspired Learning have joined forces to offer executives the opportunity to train as inspirational leaders in an unparalleled environment.


Sustainable, enjoyable success and meaningful high performance.

Beyond High Performance

Bespoke Program


Beyond High Performance is a bespoke schedule of executive coaching, bringing together all of the programs in the Inspired Learning suite and tailoring them to what you want and need.

This time-spaced program gives continuity, support and an exceptional opportunity for growth to executives, managers and leadership teams hunting for that sustainable and enjoyable high performance. 

Beyond High Performance works at the team and the individual level to bring out the absolute best you can bring as highly functioning, ambitious people who also need to transcend to find the meaning and joy in what you do, to be able to function and deliver at the executive level.    

Who is it for?

Beyond High Performance is for exceptional people who want to sustain exceptional results. No exceptions. 

Wade Jackson is a speaker, author and coach who specializes in human development and business in action - helping you do it better, faster, leaner.

His coaching style is engaging, practical, human and powerful.


Wade has a unique combination of knowledge, inspirational messages, practical tools and a high energy and humorous delivery that gets you awake and on purpose. He has post graduate qualifications in drama and health science and is the author of JOLT Challenge and Stories at Work. 

Wade has trained in many disciplines, from mind-body health to martial arts to improv comedy, and his expertise lies in his ability to identify and develop the potential and latent power in those he works with at an individual, team and organizational level. His ability to think on his feet and capitalize swiftly on the information and behaviour in front of him is second to none. That's how and why he gets results.

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