Pop-up Globe and Inspired Learning have joined forces to offer executives the opportunity to train as inspirational leaders in an unparalleled environment.

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Now more than ever business needs what the arts has to offer – agility, creativity, impact and presence, storytelling and cooperation. On the Inspired Leadership program you will master the skill set of an inspiring leader and you will energize your vision and values to become inspirational for your business.

Over 3 days you will train in a liberating space usually reserved for masterful Shakespearean performances alongside a maximum of 11 other leaders. Our executive trainers will guide you in executive leadership and behavioural science as well as presence, storytelling and stage-craft

An overview of the Inspired Leadership program

Our next program begins August 19. Download our 8 page program document for more detailed information including your VIP benefits, our team of executive trainers, the program structure and your investment.

  • Demonstrate passion, purpose and presence.

  • Deeply understand your own values and how they align with your organisation.

  • Listen and communicate with power.

Why choose the Inspired Leadership program?

Inspired Leadership is a 3 Day residential program that transports you to a whole new level of self and awareness alongside homegrown specialists in behavioural science, executive leadership and the dramatic arts.

When you lead, you perform. When you perform powerfully and command undivided attention a deal is struck between you and your audience. What you create in those moments of leadership, you create together with your people.

You as a leader impact everything - reduced absenteeism, lower staff turnover, higher productivity and performance overall.

 Your Executive Trainers & Facilitators

Wade Jackson

Executive Trainer

Wade is the co-director of Inspired Learning, author of the best selling books JOLT Challenge and Stories at Work, and an executive coach.


Dr. Miles Gregory

Executive Trainer

Miles is the founder and artistic director of New Zealand’s
Pop-up Globe.


Kirstie O’Sullivan


Kirstie is the managing director of The Voice Practice and the Voice Coach for the Pop-up Globe.


Alexander Holloway


Alexander is the Director of Stage Combat and Special Effects at
Pop-up Globe.


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