JOLT is a holistic program that will maximise your productivity and your Self Intelligence, increase your joy at work and home and set up a solid foundation for you to successfully lead others. 


"Since JOLT we've made more new business in six months than we have in the last three years" 

"I was overwhelmed with the program. JOLT gave me the ability to harness the genius in my people”



Firmly grounded in the science of high-performance, JOLT meets you where you're at and accelerates your ability to lead yourself and others. What are your values, your beliefs? What are you creating? How do you manage your self-talk? How does all this affect the way you deal with others? JOLT is made up of four modules that can be delivered flexibly for senior executives, management teams or any team of up to 12 people (negotiable to 20 people).

JOLT is exactly what your team needs if:

  • You are looking for sustainable high performance.

  • You want to be authentic, successful leaders.

  • Your team is in transition.

  • You want a shared high performance culture and language.

JOLT Challenge

10 WEEK PROGRAM for Accelerated Change

JOLT Challenge has been endorsed by Dr. Stephen R Covey, author of the business bible, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". This program will overhaul your performance and your life. JOLT Challenge is for professionals who want to challenge themselves to improve their health, their wealth and their relationships, to ensure they are making the best possible behavioural choices for the best possible outcomes.

JOLT Challenge engages you through Self-directed, Experiential and Time-spaced learning (SET). You'll devour a wealth of information from the JOLT Challenge Book, you'll reflect in your Journal and attend weekly JOLT Workouts. Teams who undertake JOLT Challenge together exponentially increase their trust, engagement, discretionary effort and productivity to improve their overall performance and your results as an organisation.

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Let’s get Personal JOLT Coach 1:1

JOLT Coach 1:1 means you don’t have to be part of a team to experience JOLT and reap the benefits. One of our accredited JOLT Coaches can guide you one on one through JOLT Challenge at your own pace, to meet your own priorities. It’s an exceptionally good way to get the real and lasting transformation you’re looking for. But don’t take it from us. Take it from people like Zahra, Sue and Guy below, who know what JOLT Challenge can do.

Claudia Batten,
Head of North America,
NZ Trade &Enterprise

“JOLT was literally that, it gave our team a real jolt from business as usual and opened us up to being able to learn. The team took away an incredible toolset: from how to improve team communications, how to optimize our personal performance and how to come together to support a transformation agenda across the team. This program delivers and then some.”

Anna Curzon,
General Manager of Marketing,
ASB Bank

“What JOLT gave me was the ability to harness the genius in my people, because it really unlocked their potential.”

Stephen M. R. Covey,
author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller,
The Speed of Trust

“JOLT is an incredible tool for stimulating change and growth in self. When you start with that cornerstone of self-trust, the life you build reflects your core values, affecting every aspect of your world. Your health, wealth and relationships benefit, helping you maximise results and create positive change."

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Tailored Solutions

We can tailor the solution to suit your organization.


1 & 2 day formats


60 & 90 minute presentations

Executive Coaching

1:1 session

Train the Trainers and Certification

Bringing JOLT in-house

Organisational Benefits

Authentic Leadership


Increased Engagement & Trust

Sustainable High Performance


Shared culture, language and success.


JOLT Clients Include 


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"An amazing book - so comprehensive, relevant, quotable, practical, doable and inspirational."

Dr. Stephen R Covey, author of international bestseller, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"