Enter the Mind Dojo to be trained in the latest neuroscience and positive psychology techniques to fortify you against stress and constant change. 




Enhance your feeling of control and effectively grow your resilience, your mental strength and your access to your high performance state.

Mind Dojo is a flexible program made up of four modules for teams of up to 12 people (negotiable to 20 people). Mind Dojo is for high performance professionals who want to be proactive not reactive, who want to meet change with confidence and who value being a positive and constructive influence on the people around them.

Mind Dojo is an evidence-based program. The Mind Dojo Resilience Scale uses validated resilience measures published in academic literature to chart your ability to thrive, despite adversity, and adapt positively in the face of stress and trauma. You will use the scale pre and post program as a personal measure of how well you’re doing.


Download the Mind Dojo app today!

The Mind Dojo app will give you the tools to stay present, to stop stressing NOW, to maintain a healthy psychology and will support you to make better choices for a strong emotional and physical self. You are the decision maker in your life and the Mind Dojo app will give you practical and immediate tools in your pocket. The app brings the modules and tools from the Mind Dojo program to life through your personal device as tips, tools, mindfulness exercises and guided visualizations.

For the price of a cup of coffee download the app now for android or iOS.    

Organisational Benefits

Resilient People

Give your people the tools to manage curve balls, transition and pressure so that they bend and don't break when it matters. Your organisation will also enjoy the financial benefits of a healthier, more resilient workforce. 


Safe Workplace

Become an organisation that doesn't ignore the stress and pressure your people are under, but equips them to deal with what's testing them in a positive way. 

Strong Organisation

Immunising your organisation against  stress with the Mind Dojo program is an important component of high performance and strengthens the ability of your organisation to thrive and succeed in a fast- paced world.

Tailored Solutions


Flexible 2 Day formats


60 & 90 minute presentations

Executive Coaching

1:1 session

Train the Trainers and Certification

Bringing Mind Dojo in-house

See how we can help your organization thrive.

Individual Benefits


Become a present, mindful decision maker.

Recognize and neutralize your stress triggers.

Be a reliable and positive influence when it matters most


Improve your emotional agility so you don’t feel stuck.

Access your inner calm at will.

Find meaningful happiness at work and play.


Develop healthy thinking habits so you can access a high performance mindset regardless of what’s happening around you.


Mind Dojo Clients 

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