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Play Up builds a creative confidence culture which is vital for methodologies such as Agile and Human Centre Design. Without the right creative mindset and culture, these methodologies fail to deliver the goods.  


Play Up


The complexity of business in the 21st century demands creative thinkers who can create together to succeed in unchartered territory. It’s not enough to have “creative stars” in your organization - you need entire teams that can work creatively and cross-functionally to innovate and generate the way ahead.

Learn the right strategies for fluent problem solving, for collaborative, bold ideas and for innovation not replication. Play Up will also give your teams a model to test their ideas, so that ultimately only the gold gets through.

This program can be delivered in four modules across four half days for up to 12 people (negotiable to 20 people). 

Play Up Project

Applied Collaborative Creativity 

The Play Up Project is an optional add on to the Play Up program that gives your team the opportunity to apply their learning to a practical assignment for your business.

Inspired Learning will work with you to design a project that offers value to your organisation. We will coach the team to deliver to deadline and to anticipated outcomes, using the tools and structure they've acquired in Play Up.

The timing for delivery of the project will depend on its scale. Contact us today to learn more. 

Organisational Benefits

A Culture of Creativity

Play Up teaches your teams a "Yes!" mentality and how to rid themselves of fear, cynicism and the other blocks that stop everyone contributing to your creative culture and the ultimate health of the business.

Cross-functional Innovation 

Play Up brings people together from different areas of your organisation to pollinate ideas across functions. This ensures new solutions, ideas and innovations will be workable in your business and fit for purpose. 

Quality Check

Creativity is a wonderful thing, until you start pouring time and money into a bad idea. Play Up safeguards your business from bad ideas by giving your teams a structure to test ideas against so that anything unworkable is weeded out. 

Tailored Solutions

We can tailor the solution to suit your organization.


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