When leaders communicate more effectively their people are more engaged, they give more discretionary effort and they become more productive. This means your bottom line goes up and you get the results you need. Your return on investment in Stories at Work will be massive. 


3 day Inspired Leadership Program at the iconic Pop-up Globe theater.

Pop-up Globe and Inspired Learning have joined forces to offer executives the opportunity to train as inspirational leaders in an unparalleled environment.

Stories at Work


Stories at Work covers comprehensively the theory and practise of organizational storytelling. You'll learn the science behind storytelling so that you understand the WHY, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & HOW of telling stories. You'll develop an awareness of how story impacts the buy in you get for your vision and values, how effective you are at knowledge sharing and whether you can successfully influence others.  

You'll become familiar with the five main types of stories that every leader should know and be telling. You'll hone and practise your stories and start to create a database of stories that you can use to transform the quality of your communication and your results.

Stories at Work is a 1.5 or 2 Day program for up to 12 people (negotiable to 20 people), that has been successfully received in many countries with distinct cultures including Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore. Stories unite humans as a species and are a powerful way for leaders to inspire and influence their people. 


Stories at Work

How it works in 1 min 30 secs




Why Stories at Work?

Storytelling is the number one way to connect with your staff, your customers and your community because it speaks to the heart and the head. Bring out your best stories and give meaning to the people you want to influence, to raise engagement and productivity. 


Stories are the key to embedding your organization’s Mission, Vision, Purpose, Strategy and Values. Organizational storytelling makes abstract concepts, like your culture, real. Stories at Work will give your leaders a fresh, high-impact way to communicate effectively to your people and clients. 

We have been helping businesses bridge the gap between targets and people through storytelling for 20 years. Now we've distilled that knowledge into one simple method,  a memorable and dynamic process that gives your people a way to really belong to something bigger than themselves – your organization.

MBA Director
AUT University

“In contrast to the explosion of electronic communication and expansive social media networks there is a resurgence among today's organisations and business leaders in the ancient art of storytelling. It is essential that today's leaders have the ability to tell the right story at the right time in the right way in order to get real business results in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century”
Sharron Botica Sovereign round SML.png

Chief People Officer
Sovereign Insurance

“Our new Vision, Strategy and Values have been received with enthusiasm across the organisation – and we believe that adopting a leader-led approach with Storytelling as the key ‘tool’ has been a significant contributor to the success of this work. ”

Christchurch Airport

“Learning to be a story teller is a skill that is essential to enabling individuals, teams and organisations to create connections with those around them, those they may need to understand, to help, to support or to engage with them. Stories at Work is an easy and enjoyable program to help build these skills and they are skills which will help every part of your life. For us, it impacted our leadership communication in that our executives began speaking in more engaging ways with their teams and this created two way communication.”

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