Why Stories at Work?

Storytelling is the number one way to connect with staff, customers and the community. Stories at Work brings out your best stories and gives people meaning in their lives, which raises engagement and productivity. 


Stories connect with the heart and the head and is the key way to embed your organization’s Mission, Vision, Purpose, Strategy and Values. Organizational storytelling makes abstract concepts like your culture, real. It gives your leaders a fresh, new way to be able to communicate effectively to their people and clients. 

We have been using storytelling to bridge the gap between business targets and people for 20 years. Now we've distilled that knowledge into one simple method,  a memorable and dynamic process that gives your people a way to really belong to something bigger than themselves – your organization.


When leaders communicate more effectively this results in their people being more engaged, giving more discretionary effort and being more productive. This results is an improved bottom line so the return of investment on organizational storytelling is massive.


Here's what Stories at Work can do for you:

Improve your organization’s culture

Align people to and embed the Mission, Vision, Purpose

Bring the Values of the organization to life

Make the Strategy real in people’s mind so they can implement it

Improve leaders’ overall communication and presentation skills

Sell ideas internally within the organization

Create a knowledge share environment and break down silos

Refine team cohesion after a restructure  


How it works

A good culture starts at the top. Stories at Work is a cascade model that works your leaders and gets them to better communicate the key stories that make any organization successful – the mission, vision, purpose, strategy and values.  

Stories at Work guides the leaders to then work with their people to bring out the stories that will help drive the organization forward more prosperously. It creates alignment and focus within the organization because people are communicating more effectively, know what’s expected of them and have clarity of purpose. 


Stories at Work




a cookie-cutter model a way to connect with your authentic self
presentation skills training a powerful way to communicate in all areas of business
airy-fairy and intangible a robust model with real results
an art form for gifted only people a scientifically based model that anyone can learn
a fad based on an ancient method of communication
once upon a time type stories stories that embed Vision and Values and more
one story fits all business unit specific to suit the different cultures within an organization
telling people what to do empowering people while giving them a sense of purpose in their day to day work


Stories at Work has run in three continents including countries such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore so it works cross-culturally. Stories unite humans as a species and are a powerful way for leaders to inspire and influence their people.  

“Our new Vision, Strategy and Values have been received with enthusiasm across the organisation – and we believe that adopting a leader-led approach with Storytelling as the key ‘tool’ has been a significant contributor to the success of this work. ”


Chief People Officer, Sovereign Insurance

“Learning to be a story teller is a skill that is essential to enabling individuals, teams and organisations to create connections with those around them, those they may need to understand, to help, to support or to engage with them. Stories at Work is an easy and enjoyable program to help build these skills and they are skills which will help every part of your life. For us, it impacted our leadership communication in that our executives began speaking in more engaging ways with their teams and this created two way communication.”


CEO, Christchurch Airport

“Our Story at Sealord is made strong through the richness of the experiences of all of our people. Their stories are powerful and define us. Stories at Work has helped us all to understand the value and importance of our stories, as well as learning and developing the skills to share them.”


General Manager, Human Resources Sealord

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