Give your people a non-confrontational method to tackle and solve work issues for themselves using the diversity and strength of the group. An especially good framework for Agile organisations. 


Team Huddle


Team Huddle is not a brainstorming session designed to solve your problems for you. It’s a real-time, immediately responsive coaching model that puts distance between you and the issue you’re facing so that you can offload and see the problem through fresh eyes to solve your own challenges. Team Huddle makes your organization healthier and more resilient overall. It brings together people from diverse roles in your businesses, increasing their overall understanding of what makes your organisation tick. 

Team Huddle is made up of two, half - day modules that can be attended by up to 12 of your people who will become accredited Team Huddle Coaches. Your coaches can then lead the Team Huddles in your organization, preferably with two coaches in each huddle, creating a reliable, responsive and empowering framework for resolving challenges as they arise.

Who is Team Huddle for?


  • High - performing teams.
  • Agile organisations.
  • Teams needing a supportive way to discuss work challenges.
  • Teams that are under pressure and in danger of burnout.
  • Teams that are too nice, too nervous or too (fill in the blank) for robust debate.
  • Organisations suffering from silos. 
  • Organisations looking for better staff continuity and less staff turnover. 
  • Organisations that want a culture of resilience, positivity and empowerment. 
  • Organisations that value diversity.
  • Organisations that support personal leadership.

Organisational Benefits

Empowered Workforce

Team Huddle gives your people a strategy to proactively tackle the blocks to high performance. This supports their ability to lead themselves and others and gives them a space for robust, healthy discussion that opens up their perspective. With Team Huddle your people can resolve those ‘hard conversations’ ahead of time because they’ll have a strategy to proactively deal with what’s confronting them.



Healthy Workplace

Hearing different points of view in the Huddle is gold for everyone. Opening up a safe space where they can share their challenges alleviates stress and encourages resilience and peer support. Team Huddle also galvanises your organisation against silos. The gains can be even greater when the team in the Huddle is cross-functional, because everyone gets a window into the challenges faced by colleagues elsewhere in the organization.


Strong Culture

Team Huddle creates a culture that has high trust and that values vulnerability as constructive. It is a brilliant way for your organization to keep any shared language and learning alive, especially when your teams have experienced JOLT, Mind Dojo or Play Up from the suite of programs powered by Inspired Learning.

Individual Benefits

The freedom to ask for help

An antidote to burnout or becoming consumed with work issues. 


A sense of being an important part of a greater whole.

The confidence to deal with uncertainty or change

New awareness of any unconscious bias you may have and patterned or rigid thinking. 

A more global understanding of the issues you face and those faced by colleagues.

Valuable coaching skills to help your colleagues find their own answers. 


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