The Edge is a program that teaches you just that, the methods, tools, mindsets and behaviours to create customer-centred products, services and experiences again and again.


This program is not theoretical. The Edge delivers real-world business outcomes for real teams facing real business challenges.

The Team

Wade Jackson

A high performance coach who specializes in human development and business in action - helping you do it better, faster, leaner.


Vanessa Ceelen

Partners with clients navigating them beyond their building and out into the world of real people with real needs, working together to create meaningful experiences, brands, services and products.

We take the business challenges you are facing today and give you the tools to meet them. This is a method that you can use over and over to meet every challenge. It’s a proven method and it works.

The Edge is for executive management, innovation teams or anyone looking to break down silos and create a culture that is collaborative and innovative.

The time is now - get a customer centered culture